Bare It All

It has become common today in the world of celebrity gossip to criticize and shame those who take pictures that show a little too much skin. Recently, Miley Cyrus received praise for providing V magazine with polaroids that show her close to nude. However, in the past, celebrities have gotten bad publicity for racy pictures that have surfaced on the internet of them that were suppose to be private. So, why is it okay for the media to condemn those who privately take pictures wearing little to nothing, but then praise those who share them publicly? The Daily Beast states that Cyrus is setting an excellent example by sharing her nude photos.

Although I agree that people should feel proud and comfortable in their own skin, I do not think that the news should be concerned with how people capture their bodies privately or publicly. Cyrus is well known for wearing outfits that cover little of her body and is no stranger to being the topic of nude gossip. With this in mind, it is not surprising that the media deems this as appropriate behavior. The problem occurs when celebrities, who are not well known for being as expressive as Cyrus, become the center of such a scandal. Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Vanessa Hudgens were publicly condemned when their private pictures were leaked. The media should focus on topics that allow women to feel happy and dignified about their bodies rather than tearing them down. Who cares if celebrities choose to take pictures of their bodies? Those celebrities should decide whether or not it is okay, not the media.

miley cyrus


2 thoughts on “Bare It All

  1. I absolutely agree that it should be at the discretion of whoever is in the picture whether it should be public or not. The media has a way of distorting and somewhat controlling what people think is normal or okay. Stolen pictures that are meant to be private should remain as such, but no matter if they’re intended for public or private uses, no one should be shamed or criticized for taking naked pictures because it really is no one else’s business.


  2. I feel it’s her right to do as she pleases, and if its no wrongdoing, then there is no reason to shame. And with regards to the leak, it was not supposed to be on the frontline anyway, and it was in the celebrities’ personal time. I get the point how it was not their fault of the exposure of them, but that does not give media a stake to shame them for something they were never even supposed to see. Its like having your texts somehow making it into the hands of thousands through a hack and getting bashed from what that conversation was on. It wasn’t meant for the public’ s eye anyway, so no need to humiliate like that was the intention.


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