Media: Nightmare dressed like a daydream?

In our generation, many opinions about celebrities are formed because of how the media portrays them. Country/Pop sensation, Taylor Swift, has been a recurring victim of these sad accusations. Over the years, Swift’s love life has always been the center of the public eye, from being labeled as a “serial dater” to “a psycho ex-girlfriend”. From her most recent album, her hit song “Blank Space” fights back against all the rumors in the best way possible; making fun of it. The song and video portray her as a crazy, clingy, and emotionally unstable girl who just goes through men, similar to the way the media has seen her in the past. The article from whosay provides feedback about Swift’s intentions and how she uses her songs to express her emotions about personal experiences.

So, why is it such a terrible act to write songs about your past experiences? The answer: it’s not! Singers write songs about their lives all the time! My question is, why is it such a terrible act for women to write songs about their past experiences? According to Slate, male singers such as Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars have written numerous songs about their ex-girlfriends or their current love lives and no one pays any attention to it. The sexist side of the media gives women a bad name just for sticking up for themselves. It is no secret that Swift has had her fair share of boyfriends over the years, and she certainly made it known by writing songs about those relationships, but that does not make her crazy; it makes her human! The media interprets showing emotion as a sign of weakness and finds a way to use it against people. Props to Taylor Swift for showing them up.

And just in case you have not seen the wonderful video of Blank Space. Here it is. You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Media: Nightmare dressed like a daydream?

  1. This is why I am still a Taylor Swift fan after so many years. She’s real, and is a normal person, to a degree. She’s a normal 20 year old girl, who dates and has boyfriends, we all do! Why does she have to receive the blunt end of people’s judgements just because she’s famous.


  2. I am by no means a pop/country/Swift fan, but you bring up an excellent point. Too often male singers write sometimes suggestive or even promiscuous lyrics, yet no one seems to mind. When Swift or Miley writes the same way however, it’s a top story on entertainment news. As a musician and a songwriter myself, I can confidently say that 9 times out of 10, songs are fictional stories. Just like Stephen King and Nicolas Sparks have their own writing style and repeating themes, as do musicians.


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