Impossible to please

Americans today tend to believe that if they are not a size two or don’t look like their favorite celebrity, there is something wrong with them. But in actuality, that is far from the truth.

The media plays a major role in how society negatively feels toward their own bodies. They publicize the figures of celebrities and then go on to criticize that they are either too skinny or too fat. So, what does an acceptable body size look like in the eyes of the media? Let’s be real, nobody knows. When they are not writing meaningless articles about who’s losing or gaining weight, they are taking matters into their own hands and photoshopping pictures to the point where it is an unrealistic representation of the human body. Let’s face it, even celebrities can’t win when it comes to having the “perfect” body.

Recently, a website called ThrivingCeleb published an article about 15 celebrities that gained a lot of weight. It started out by saying “Gaining weight has happened to just about everyone but we never really expect it to happen to some of our favorite celebrities”. I’m sorry, are celebrities not human enough to gain weight like everyone else? I don’t get it. The article goes on to list individual celebrity pictures in addition to the website’s unnecessary (and rude!) commentary. Magazines don’t just stop at weight gain though, JuicyCeleb recently published an article on celebrities who are too thin in which they titled it “18 ANOREXIC THIN Celebrities that need a few Big Macs!” Because Big Macs are the healthy cure to everything, right?

Our generation is heavily influenced by living up to the standards that the media sets. Young boys and girls today look up to celebrities as role models and if they are being criticized for their bodies, what will those same boys and girls think about their own bodies? The media takes the matter even further by photoshopping almost any picture they can get their hands on. A positive article by Beauty Redefined does a great job at explaining the harsh reality behind how the media distorts pictures to create an impossible body image most of society strives to achieve. This article ends by saying that what we see in the media is altered and we should not base our bodies off of something that isn’t real; a lesson that is not taught as much as it needs to be.

I agree that recognizing certain weight gains and losses are necessary for health concerns, but the way the media portrays this issue is just ridiculous and causes a lot more damage than it should. Magazine articles should not be criticizing or altering anyone’s body for the purpose of entertainment. Those same articles should be focused on accepting every body type and being proud of what you have. Ultimately, no one should have to question the way they look because of the nonsense the media puts out.

Just an example of media foolishness


3 thoughts on “Impossible to please

  1. The world really has become impossible to please. If you’re skinny you need to eat more, if you’re fat you need to starve yourself, and it’s sad that it has come down to this. Luckily some companies, such as Aerie, are throwing the idea of photoshop out the window. The photos they take go straight to advertising without being retouched, I think this is something that more and more companies should do because we are all human and have nothing to be ashamed of. Another option that may be less extreme for heavy photo shoppers, is to put a disclaimer on any advertisement or image that has been modified in some way. This would immediately make people aware that what they’re looking at is fake and impossible to achieve.


  2. I love the last sentence of your opening paragraph, because although you are stating the magazine’s argument, it’s easy to recognize the sarcasm of it and it does a really good job of supporting your argument.


  3. This is a really big issue today and I’m glad that more people are talking about it. The articles you cited are just a few of the disgusting examples of body shaming which is something that must come to a stop if young people will ever learn to fully love their bodies.


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