And the award goes to… (Part 2)

Let’s be real, I live for award shows. The Oscars are tonight and it wouldn’t be a real award show if it didn’t have some controversy.

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is an annual awards ceremony that honors the achievements of those in the film industry. Tonight will be the 87th showing of this event and the media is more obsessed than ever. There have been countless articles expressing anger toward Hollywood’s racial bias concerning the Oscars. The nominees this year represent little to none of the extremely talented diverse span of actors/actresses that deserve the same, if not more, recognition than white actors/actresses. It makes people wonder when the “film industry” became the “white industry”.

According to The Telegraph, the Black Entertainment industry is appalled by the lack of diversity in the 2015 Oscars, and they honestly have every right to be. The event’s four major categories, best actor/actress and best supporting actor/actress, all feature nominees that are white. I mean, I understand that majority of the people that work in the industry are white, but credit needs to be given where credit is due. For example, people have become outraged by the fact that Selma, a movie focused around black rights, was only nominated in two categories. You would think after 86 years of this event, the industry would recognize the controversy behind white washing these award shows.

In an online article from The Huffington Post, the issue is discussed in relation to past years Oscars awards and how the number of nominees are slowly becoming more diverse. So, I guess we can hope that in the next 50 years or so, we will see an accurate representation of more diversity in the nominees.


2 thoughts on “And the award goes to… (Part 2)

  1. I’ve been seeing people talk about this so much over the last couple of days. The points you made were spot on, and the outrage people feel is totally justified. Many movies have come out in the past year with phenomenal performances from people of color and its sad that they aren’t recognized for it.


  2. Like Tyler, I’ve been seeing and hearing commercials about the Oscars and how Neil Patrick Harris is going to be the host. I usually never pay attention to the Oscars and who wins what but I after reading this blog it opened up my eyes about how controversial the Oscars can really be. I mean any award show can be staged where they only want certain people to receive awards because thats probably who America is loving at that particular time. However, a person should receive an award solely based on his/her performance in a movie.


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